The Hobie Asian Championship that would be Hong Kong from September 27 to Oct 1, has been canceled!

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The Hobie Asian Championship that would be Hong Kong from September 27 to Oct 1, has been canceled!



Attention Asian sailors and everyone who was preparing to race from September 27 to October 1 Hobie Asian Championship, we announced that we received from the organization that the competition was canceled!

This information is official and came through the person and friend Aster Wong, who, due to the Banghkut typhoon that struck the Hong Kong Hobie Club, completely destroyed it today, Sunday, September 16, 2018, they can not conduct a competition because of this disaster.

The Hobie Asian Championship would be held in Hong Kong from September 27 to October 1, 2018 at Tai Tam Bay, the south side of Hong Kong Island, Asia World City.

See how the Hong Kong Hobie Club was left yesterday by the photos sent by Aster Wong and, from now on, fill with tears in the eyes, because we know how difficult it is to endure so much pain to see everything that we built with so much sweat to be completely destroyed:

“Hong Kong Hobie Club at To Tai Wan, has been Hobiecat’s home and our playground since 1979. This is not a fancy sailing club. Just a self-service club with some very basic facilities built up and operated by a group of volunteers. In last 39 years, we are the founder of the Hobie Asian Championships, we made the best result for HK sailing in Asian Games. We encounter land issues, typhoon damages, financial problem…..and we resolved them.
After typhoon Hato’s damage last year and we have another supper typhoon Manghkut direct attack HK last Sunday, I think this is the biggest challenge to us. Mainly we don’t know how to make it as a safe venue as a boat club.
I hope our Government can help to restore the damaged facilities and support our sport.
* Thanks for John Ashwood’s aerial shots!” , ventured Tong Shing.

The moment is so painful and perplexing and I want to spread the word of the friends and warriors Aster Wong and Tong Shing, who have always worked tirelessly for the development of hobie cat class in Asia so that you can feel a little of the difficult moment that our siblings of the hobie cat family from Asia are passing at this time: “All the boats and the club destroyed yesterday, “said Aster.

Since then we are all shaken by everything we have seen and heard and we have already put the dissolution of all who make hobie cat class in Asia to help where possible..

The aftermath. #supertyphoonmangkhut Shelter Cove, Hong Kong… now the clean up begins. Sad to hear that so many people have lost their homes (on land and afloat) … Some horror stories from people on the pontoons very clearly in shock.

A man wades through flooded streets during a No. 10 Hurricane Signal raised for Typhoon Mangkhut in Hong Kong on Sunday.
Anthony Kwan/Bloomberg via Getty Images


Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall in southern China’s Guangdong province Sunday evening, after ripping through the Philippines and Hong Kong earlier.

Wind speeds hit 100 mph as the storm reached the city of Taishan in Guangdong at 5 p.m. local time, The Associated Press reported.

The storm passed by Hong Kong earlier, which “dodged a direct hit,” according to the BBC, yet at least 111 people were reportedly injured in the territory.

It was in the Philippines, however, where the most deaths — at least 28 — have so far been reported.

As NPR’s Julie McCarthy reports from Manila, the storm knocked out power, cut telephone lines, and triggered landslides and storm surges. But, she said, “a thorough assessment of the damage is all but impossible because of all the inclement weather this storm has pulled in its wake.”

The federal Hong Kong Observatory had upgraded the storm’s rating to a Number 10, indicating that residents should expect wind speeds at hurricane levels or faster. Officials expected water levels to rise in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor and warned residents to take shelter.

At about 4 a.m. local time Sunday morning, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center of the U.S. Navy measured the storm’s sustained winds at just above 100 mph as it headed towards Hong Kong. The center had forecast maximum sustained winds at just over 90 mph through Sunday; wind speeds are predicted to dissipate as the storm continues moving over land.

Impact on the Philippines

Residents walk on flooded streets as typhoon Mangkhut batters their city on Sept. 15 in Tuguegarao, Philippines. Typhoon Mangkhut hammered northern Philippines as it made landfall Saturday morning leaving at least 12 people dead.
Jes Aznar/Getty Images
Formerly classified as a super typhoon, Mangkhut is known as Ompong in the Philippines — as McCarthy reports, the government gives it a “Filipino cast” to engage the public. The ferocious storm arrived in the Philippines at around 1:30 a.m. local time on Saturday, with sustained winds of over 120 mph. It was downgraded to the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane after it made landfall, according to The Associated Press.

It struck northern Luzon, the biggest island in the Philippines, a terrain home to over half of the country’s population featuring both mountains and farmland. As rain fell nonstop for hours, the country’s rice-producing region was flooded. The Red Cross predicted before Mangkhut’s landfall that it will destroy 1 million tons of rice. Reuters reports 42 landslides throughout the country — some deadly.

Philippine National Police Chief Oscar Albayalde tells The Associated Press that 28 people have died, many because of landslides. Twenty of those were in Cordillera, a large northern region on Luzon.

The National Defense Office has confirmed two deaths to NPR: Two rescuers were killed in a landslide in a mountainous region. The agency is also investigating more reports, including three more who have allegedly died in a separate landslide and four cases of missing persons.

Historically, typhoons of this magnitude generate hundreds, sometimes thousands of deaths. Super Typhoon Haiyan — a more powerful storm than Mangkhut — killed more than 6,000 people in the Philippines in 2013. Officials were worried that Mangkhut could be just as catastrophic.

“We really learned a lot from the Haiyan experience,” Catherine Cabarles, a school teacher in Quezon City, told NPR before Mangkhut arrived. “After that Haiyan experience … many of us are evacuating to higher places.”

Before the storm made landfall, Civil Defense used that knowledge to pre-position hundreds of thousands of food packs. Police were deployed near the impact zone to prevent looting, and armed forces prepared to take the lead on search and rescues.

More than 4 million people in the Philippines were declared at risk from the storm, and around 87,000 evacuated, with 105,000 staying in temporary shelters, according to Reuters. Communication is cut from many areas and high winds are hindering responders, meaning it’s too early for a full assessment of damage.

“In a storm this intense it’s difficult to imagine that more damage isn’t out there,” NPR’s McCarthy said.

Residents stand by a flooded road following the onslaught of Typhoon Mangkhut in Tuguegarao city in Cagayan province, northeastern Philippines, on Sept. 15.
Aaron Favila/AP
“The poor families living in [the Northern Philippines] have less capacity to recover quickly,” Jerome Balinton, a Humanitarian Response Officer with Save the Children in Santiago City, told NPR. “They are not well-equipped to immediately cover, for example, the need for shelter repair, the need to replace their household essentials.”

This was the regatta warning that would have been a reminder of a wonderful event we would have!

We are pleased to announce the Hobie Asian Championship will take place in Hong Kong from September 27 to Oct 1, 2018, at Tai Tam Bay , the southern side of Hong Kong Island, Asia World’s City. Whether you are planning to join the competition in this 3 days racing event or a family getaway, Hong Kong offers a vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle, featuring a unique blend of East and West with its cultural fusion and diversity. Hong Kong Hobie Club is pleased  to host this annual event at  To Tei Wan , where the Hong Kong Hobie Club is  located, and  just few  minutes away  from Stanley Market – the quaint village of Stanley and a huge hit with locals, expats and tourists for good reasons.

 After scorching summer and occasionally Typhoon , end of September  is perfect for sailing regatta. Weather condition is normally  fine and sunny, 20 – 30o  C, little  or no rain, 10 -25 knots of northeast monsoon allowing double trapezing constantly.

Overseas competitors from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and China have committed to participate , including former Asia Games medalists  – Damrongsak Vongtim from Thailand and Tong Yue Shing from Hong Kong and more competitive sailors are expected to join , don’t miss your chance to challenge the medalists and international  Hobie sailors.

Check out the NOR, visit the Hong Kong Hobie Club (  or just drop a note to Hong Kong Hobie Club secretary at

28 de agosto de 2018

Damrongsak and Kitsada Vongtim (THA) winning Jinzhou, the 2nd leg of the Hobie® China Regatta.

The sailors departed Dalian on a five hour bus trip through the north part of China to start the second part of the series. When arriving in Jinzhou the boats had arrived well before the sailors. They all left Dalian on the trucks with the modified Hobie trailer. To everyone’s delight the boats were on the beach with the masts up.

Not all the sailors from Dalian could particulate in Jinzhou. Some new sailors joined the group. With 21 teams from 4 countries participated

After a spectacular opening ceremony Jinzhou was presented by the IHCA a certificate as the newest IHCA Hobie Fleet. Welcome aboard Hobie Fleet 988 Jinzhou.

Day 1
After the ceremony the sailors left the beach for four back-to-back races. The wind was a steady 8-12 knots. With flat water it was superb Hobie Cat racing. The teams all come shore all beaming and excited from the racing. The brothers Damrongsak and Kitsada Vongtim (THA)
Won all fours races to continue on their winning way from Dalian. Thailand teams dominated taking the top 3 spots. Though 3rd spot is on a count-back so anything could happen with lots more races planned.

Jinzhou results day 1

Day 2
With wind gusting up to 37 knots and the harbour department closing the port for safety reasons there was no racing for the day. Though the sailors enjoyed a sociable day.

Day 3
After the strong winds of yesterday the sailors were greeted with a high overcast and much cooler day. Racing started earlier to make up for the last races the day before.The wind was much lighter when the sailors left the beach. The breeze slowly filled in for the sailors on their way to the start line.

After a delay waiting for the wind to increase and stabilise two races were conducted in 5-7 knots. Damrongsak and Kitsada Vongtim (THA) continued on their winning way with winning both races of the day. Teerapong Watiboonruang and Nutpatsorn Wachirapongsin (THA) finished second on both races to secure second place overall.

Damrongsak commented, after sailing in sailing competitions in China for many years, the Chinese Hobie sailors are very much improved. If they keep progressing at the spped they are going they will soon be number 1 in Asia.

Special thanks to the Jinzhou Government, Chinese Yachting Association and the Chinese Hobie Deal

Jinzhou final results

Jinzhou 1st International Hobie hobieclass:

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